7 Strange Sights in the Mormon Museum of Church History

Here, in no particular order, are a few of the more interesting items we saw on our tours today.

1. The toy pentagram in the children's wing of the museum.
Here, a couple from our youth group adds color to an otherwise drab satanic symbol reminder of the Morning Star:

2. Mormon death-masks
So God can still recognize the body, I guess:

3. The Mormon militia
There was a reason the Mormons kept getting kicked out of places. Note that the banner in the museum is meant to dispel any angst on the part of visitors: these armed men were part of a "benevolent association:"

4. Golden calves
Yep. And here is a picture of Emily contemplating joining!

5. The Book of Mormon in 87 languages
This is just sad. Hopefully this whets your appetite for missions.

6. Freemasonry
This picture didn't turn out too well; I may try to go back and get a better one. This is a painting of a bust of Joseph Smith, and underneath there is the same all-seeing eye embedded in the pyramid with sun ray relief... yes, the same image on the back of your $1.00 bill:
Joseph Smith incorporated free-mason elements into the LDS faith. This isn't the post for it, but little things like the "secret handshake" the dead have to give God in heaven testify to this fun fact.

7. A strange definition of faith in the children's wing of the museum
Read it for yourself:

And here is an honorable mention:
The angel Moroni blowing a Vuvuzela:

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