A Short Study on Pride, Part 3—NT Concepts Cont.

How does the Bible define pride

The last New Testament Greek word we'll look at is huperēphainoi. This is pride in the most general sense.

Those with this pride are somehow distinguishable from the alazon, but can also allow their proud, self-serving lusts carry them away into sin (cf. Jam 4:1–6).*   Just as pride can lead to friendship with the world and strife among believers, it is evidence of a false conversion.

All three groups we have looked at thusfar would do well to ponder such verses as James 4:6, which cites Proverbs 3:34. With this, we should take the opportunity to turn to Hebraic thoughts on pride. The idea of huperēphainoi (in either noun or adjectival form) is the concept the Hebrew translators most often choose for their Septuagint or Greek translation of the Old Testament.

BUT... we'll look at these OT concepts tomorrow!

* James 4:6 contains the adjectival form of huperēphainoi.

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