A Short Study on Pride, Part 6—The Gospel

If any man seeks to become humble, he must come to the Gospel.

No, I don't mean that prayer you prayed once as a kid.

Consider Paul’s letter to Colossae. It suggests the Gospel bears fruit and grows among believers (1:5–6). It reminds believers that they were “hostile in mind” (v. 21), but then describes the work Christ did on their behalf, meaning the focus of verse 22 is upon God rather than themselves.

The same verse also indicates they can be holy, blameless, and above reproach if they “continue in the faith… not shifting from the hope of the gospel” (v. 23). Hope for overcoming the wickedness of our minds is not in trying to achieve holiness, but in the Gospel provision of holiness.

Consider the following:

  • Through the same kind of faith by which we received Christ (a faith without works) we are to walk in Him (2:6). 
  • That faith is Christocentric and produces thanksgiving rather than pride (cf. v. 7). 
  • Our trust is in the cumulative work of the Godhead to forgive and unite us to Him, not in our own deeds (vv.10–14).
  • Because of the Gospel, we can put off idolatrous covetousness and evil desires, and can put on compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, patience, and the bond of love (3:1–14). 
This leads to some contrasts for our minds to absorb:
  • Instead of pride, we can bear with one another and forgive (cf. v.13). 
  • Instead of the war of ungodly desires, we can choose to allow the peace of God to reign in our hearts; 
  • Instead of enslavement to what we believe we deserve from life, we can be thankful (v. 15). 
  • Instead of the strife and general joylessness this sin can bring, we can have the riches of God’s Word release a joy for doing everything to the glory of God (vv. 16–17).
God bless you on your journey of growth in His grace!

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