Was the American Revolution Biblical?

This is an excellent question because we are commanded to obey secular authorities.  What right, then, did Christians have for supporting the revolution, and should we look back upon their rebellion with pride?  Keith Throop of the Reformed Baptist Blog tries to tackles these questions.

As we consider this question (the same question which tore at every Christian Colonial household 234 years ago), we must consider it first and foremost from the Scripture.

We, as believers, also have to understand that there is a difference between being patriotic and being Christian.  Being Christian may well lead one to patriotism, or it may lead one to civil disobedience (two circumstances that, to be fair, are not always on opposing sides).

For the most part, I am not sure I agree that the founding of America was a sin on the part of Christian participants, though I am not going to defend that position right now.  The US exists because God wills it to do so, and no one can make the case that our country has been a force of good will in world history.  What's important to note is that, now that we have a couple of centuries to forget our anger at the Christian Tories, the argument was not pacifism vs. confrontation but two competing views of what Scripture taught.

Quick notes and I'm done:

  • Where you land on the issue may affect how you respond to the increasing pressure against Christian belief down the road.  
  • How you view the Gospel and the Christian mission may cloud your thinking.  Are you confusing the freedom that is in Christ with the freedom of man from an oppressive government?
  • Is government, American or otherwise, an idol in your life?  Do you spend more time thinking about it than about God?  This issue may help you by revealing where the treasure of your heart lies.  

Just food for thought.

God bless!

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