Why We Like C. S. Lewis

Lewis is one of those names that you will hear if you stay in church long enough. It is also one of those names that Evangelicals, at times, put down as "liberal." He was not a theologian by trade, he was a philosopher. As such, there are certain things that appear in his books that even his staunchest defenders would shy away from.

But I still like him. A lot.

I came across one of his gems while writing a research paper, which in turn led me to run some quick internet searches. One of the results was from Desiring God, where John Piper explains why Lewis has meant so much to him. I found myself saying, "Yes, Yes!" the whole time - Piper articulates the joy that is Lewis like no one else.

If you are a Christian who has heard bad things (true bad things)about C. S. Lewis, and wonder why he has endured at all, read (or watch or listen to) Piper's Feb 2010 message "Lessons from an Inconsolable Soul: Learning from the Mind and Heart of C. S. Lewis."

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