Glenn Beck is the voice in the wilderness

But not in the good way.

I've only caught snippets of Mr. Beck since he began on Fox News.  I don't want to be mean, but he reminded me too much of Alex Jones or something over at InfoWars to keep my interest for more than a few minutes.  I'm not saying that Beck is at the level of a 9-11 Truther, but there is that tinge of conspiracy in his airwaves.

Well, the other night I had Fox running in the background while I was doing some work on a paper, and I had to stop and listen at the start of Beck's program.

The history we never learned in school.  Hmm... all right, sounds interesting.  I know first-hand how much schools are skimping on the history classes, and I always enjoy a good story.

The history we never learned about Native Americans.

Oh. No.

I was watching the 11:00 rerun of that day's show, so I hopped onto Google to see what people had written so far about the claims I was hearing.  Nothing much was up yet, but I tried the search again with the word "Mormon."   There was some information that popped up anticipating just what I was hearing: the groundwork for proving the Book of Mormon.  Today, a number of sites are posting information evaluating his recent claims.

Let me pause for a moment, though.  Don't get me wrong.  I know Mr. Beck is LDS, so it's no biggie for me if he uses his show to propagate his message... as long as the viewer is told to what to expect.  Be up front.

Here's the deal: the back-door method makes people wonder if Beck is trying to catch people off gaurd, such as the Christians who think he is just another Christian.  I don't know if that is his goal or not, but it does make us wonder.

One person wondering about that is Brannon Howse over at Worldview Weekend.  He shares his mike with former LDS teacher Ed Decker to discuss these recent Beck programs and Mormonism in general.  Go give a listen.

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