Religion and Redemption

One of the great things about witnessing to your Mormon neighbors and friends is that it challenges you to consider the "nuts and bolts" of the true Gospel... especially considering that Joseph Smith claimed to be restoring the full gospel to the world.

Primarily, it will make you consider your view of faith and works in salvation. There are other things to consider, of course. But I've heard of the joyous conversions of professing Christians who, upon sharing the Gospel with LDS members, realize that they themselves have not understood the Gospel! They realize that there is no substantive difference between their view and the Mormon view, and suddenly they can see where the Word of God cuts a dividing line between man's religion and Christ's glorious Gospel.

If you are a youth pastor or church leader reading this, that alone is cause to consider taking a team of young people from your church on a missions trip.

< sale >  (If you've read some of my previous posts on Mormonism, you know that we stayed in UPFC's "The Blue House" across from Weber University, a ministry that is on the ground and ready to help you do just that.  Utah is a mission's field, with only 2-3% of the state claiming to be Evangelical.)

So, just what do we mean by this distinction? There is a new documentary on the horizon (I don't have a date as of yet -- I'll try to update) called "Religion and Redemption." Here is a short trailer for the film that is worth gold on its own:

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