Some more quick notes on the Dearborn situation

I noticed that James White pointed out another video that exposes one gentleman's false report to police.  Here is that video:

What made me perk up was that the man in this video, Roger Williams, claims to be a Christian missionary from Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, the church to which, in human terms, I owe my salvation.  The "Witness Unto Me" blog interviewed Williams, where he claimed the above video twisted his side of the story (?!?).  He also claimed in that interview that TBC does evangelism quite differently, a claim which I refuted in the meta.  (As a side note: TBC has changed its image over the past few years, so I am not completely discounting the possibility that they have changed their evangelistic methods.)

I would be willing to accept that this guy was so incensed due to his supposed doctrinal disagreement with Acts 17 that he would blurt out that You-need-to-worry-about-me-messing-with-you comment and then, realizing it was very inappropriate, he wished to slink away and began to kick himself harder knowing it was now on tape.

But then he immediately phoned security rather than explain his beef.

And he had that smirk the whole time. Nervousness? Or something else?

And then he falsified a police report.

What is the dealio with our brother treating other Christians this way?

I'm sorry, I meant to include this: some of the threats the group has received.

On YouTube, there is this comment by "OurStyleZ":
My dear muslims....Im sure there is one lion living in America who knows how to track these guys down.......PLease deal with the case....Slit this guys nuts open and leave the dog belly up in the street....
Al Sayef Al MAslool Liman Sab Al-Rasoul!
The last line apparently reads, "A drawn sword for him who left the prophet" or "A drawn sword for him who cursed the prophet."

According to David Wood, the official police report contains his personal information, meaning any "lion living in America" can do just this.

A couple of comments left by "WorldIslamicOrder" a couple of days ago:
First you should be beaten and made to confess your crimes against Islam and Muslims. Then lined up and shot in the skull. Then all your ABN property should be seased and the crew arrested and deported.
I think the local Muslims in Michigan or where ever the hell you are from should hang you on a public street and let you rot. That would be a nice scene.
to which Acts 17 replied:
I don't think it would happen. If a Muslim came to kill me, I'd show him that Muhammad can't be a true prophet. It's pretty easy to do. So then there would be no reason to be angry at me.
YouTube is a strange place, with people saying just about anything behind their keyboard anonymity. And I am sure that not all Muslims like the fact that a few of their people are posting comments like this. One thing is clear, though: things are getting dangerous for Acts 17 members.

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