We've Been Expecting You, Part 1:7-9

This was still the transition stage of the church, and we had issues with our recording equipment. For your Sunday reflection this week is a message that reviews two parts that, unfortunately, you won't get a chance to hear:

We've Been Expecting You: Part I - Message 7,8 & 9
Recap of 3 Sermons

Bible: Genesis 5; Luke 3:21-38

Lake Hills Community Church was almost like a church plant. We had so many things to get right. One of the most important were faithful--and talented--people whom God raised up to work on our sound system. We had SO many problems to begin with and lost seven sermons. Some we recorded again and lost those. If you stay with the series, you will definitely see an improvement in the sound.

We combine three sermons we lost with the topic being the good news of being made in the image and likeness of God, but now also of fallen Adam, with its horrendous consequences "and he died."

The first son of God (Adam) failed; the second Son of God conquered and reclaimed what Adam lost.

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