Advice for Seminarians, Theology Students, and Young Pastors

Justin Taylor sneezed and out came a spots of light for students of God's Word.  Here you go:

Kevin DeYoung has been blogging his “Advice for Theological Students and Young Pastors” (points 1-20points 21-45).
Bruce Ashford of Southeastern, blogging at Between the Times, reprints the following blog series:
  1. On the Dangers of Seminary
  2. The Danger of Losing Your First Love for God and Your Love for the Lost
  3. The Danger of Allowing Seminary to Replace Church
  4. The Danger of Becoming a Dork
  5. The Danger of Seeking Academic Acclaim
  6. The Danger of Becoming a Punk
  7. On the Danger of Being THAT GUY
  8. The Danger of Missing Out
And here are a few pieces I have appreciated in the past:

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