The Original Burn a Quran Day

Tomorrow people will observe "Burn a Koran / Qur'an Day" in protest to the despicable acts of Muslims around the world (and, of course, on 9/11/01).

The kind of hatred toward other people (people also made in God's image, James 3:9-10) in book-burnings is unbiblical, as is the act of setting disagreeable materials on fire.  It accomplishes nothing for God's glory and serves only to provoke.

A far better use of that Qur'an would be to open it and teach your church how to evangelize those bound by that false religion.  Oh, and instead of spending tomorrow angry, praying for those families who lost love ones and those who you may know who are blinded by Islam.  Just a couple of suggestions.

Consider this video which describes the very first Qur'an-burning.  (As an aside, I must warn you that this video contains acting that will... um, leave you breathless.)

(HT: James White)

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