Sharing the "Good News" this Christmas

Always maximize you Gospel witness, and Christmas is a perfect holiday to start if you are not doing so already.  We're already planning caroling, and this is probably a great add-on to that (HT: Justin Taylor):

Crossway is inviting churches all across North America and around the globe to reach one million homes with the gospel this December!
Share the Good News of Christmas is designed to complement what churches are already doing this year—helping them connect with their communities, reach out with the gospel, and invite people to a Christmas service in their church. Share the Good News kits will be sent to participating churches, allowing them to tailor the kits for their specific communities. Each kit contains 50 ESV Outreach New Testaments, 50 gospel tracts, and 50 customizable invitations to the church’s Christmas service or event.
“Share the Good News of Christmas is a visionary program which I heartily commend,” explains J.I. Packer, Professor of Theology at Regent College. “The gift and invitation from the local church will bring home to people that Jesus is the reason for the season, and that from his throne he calls us all to enter into new life with him. May many respond to that call this Christmastide!”
Share the Good News of Christmas is an exciting way for churches to go out into their communities with the gospel this Christmas season. Sunday School classes, small groups, and individuals can make the gift bags unique by adding homemade baked goods, Christmas ornaments, or an item specific to their church. Whether churches incorporate the bags and invitations into a Christmas caroling tradition, as part of community service, or informally with neighbors, Crossway hopes this is an affordable opportunity for churches to bless their community this Christmas with God’s Word and the good news of Jesus Christ.
Learn more about how can you and your church get involved or purchase your kits today at Pastors or church staff can sign up for a free sample bag as they consider this opportunity.
Pastors or church staff who want to get a free sample bag can drop Crossway a note here: 

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