2011 Shepherds' Conference Schedule and Seminars

It's that time of year again, and here is what next month's pastors' conference will have for you:
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General Session Speakers:
  • Nathan Busenitz
  • Rick Holland
  • Phil Johnson
  • Steve Law
  • John MacArthur
  • Al Mohler
  • Tom Pennington
Seminar Topics and Speakers:
Seminar Session #1
  • The Forgotten Field—Evangelizing the Community
    Alex Montoya—Worship Center

  • Counseling with Care—Ministering to the Fainthearted
    John Street—J360

  • Preparation and the Powerful Pulpit—Consecrating your heart before you preach
    Jerry Wragg—J270

  • Youth Forum—Questions and Answers on Youth Ministry
    Kelly Wright, Austin Duncan, Rick Holland—J70

  • The Marks of Godly leadership—Effective Leadership Lessons from I Corinthians
    Carey Hardy—J370

  • Home Field Advantage—Training Men for Ministry in Your Local Church
    Chris Mueller—Gym

  • Radical?—The Mystique of the Modern Day Monk
    Jon Rourke—Chapel
Seminar Session #2
  • The Mandate for Godly Leadership—Leading the Saints
    Richard Mayhue—J360

  • Grace Advance—Providing leadership for developing churches
    Lance Quinn, Rich Gregory—Gym

  • Exegesis and the Powerful Pulpit—Studying the text with care and precision
    Bill Barrick—J270

  • Family Matters—Does the Bible Demand Family Integrated Ministry?
    Austin Duncan—J70

  • Radical Chic—How Rock-Star pastors and hipster religion undermine the true relevancy of the gospel
    Phil Johnson—Worship Center

  • Restoration Hardware—Understanding the goal of church discipline
    Michael Mahoney—J370

  • To God be the Glory—Preaching and Teaching on the Glory of God
    Greg Harris—Chapel
Seminar Session #3
  • In Spirit and in Truth—The Pastor as Worship Leader
    Andy Snider—J370

  • Transforming Truth—How Preaching Doctrine Brings about Change
    Bill Shannon—J360

  • Exposition and the Powerful Pulpit—Crafting the sermon from what has been studied
    Rick Holland—Worship Center

  • Feeding the Leading—How to Care for Your Volunteers
    Chris Hamilton—J70

  • Missional Madness—How the Missional Movement Abuses the Great Commission
    Jesse Johnson—Chapel

  • Living Church—Putting your philosophy of ministry in to practice
    Tom Patton—J270

  • The Maturity of Godly Leadership—Responding Rightly to Criticism and Complaints
    Jerry Wragg—Gym
Seminar Session #4
  • Band of Brothers—Tracing Jesus' influence on James and Jude
    Will Varner—Gym

  • Fanning the Flame—Fueling an Undying Passion for Christ and His Church
    Jim Pile—J360

  • Delivery and the Powerful Pulpit—Preaching Sermons that assault the heart and obligate the will
    Alex Montoya—Worship Center

  • Passion for Purity—Teaching Purity to youth from the book of Proverbs
    Rick Holland—J70

  • Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs—Striving for a balanced approach to music in worship
    Clayton Erb, Bill Brandenstein—Choir Room

  • The Ministry of Godly Leadership—What are Elders called to do?
    Chris Hamilton—J270

  • Poetry that Preaches—Insight into Preaching and Teaching the Psalms
    Bill Barrick—J370

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