Responding to Rob Bell's deceptive claims

I don't like using the word "deception" because I don't know Rob Bell's heart.  I think that we as Christians too often shoot ourselves in the foot with our heresy rifles.  Hey, he may well believe what he teaches in the Nooma videos and elsewhere as being sound reality.  He may well believe God honors his work.

Yet, the claims he repeats are based on distortions of reality.  They are popularized on the Internet, but not by sound scholarship.  Unfortunately, while he cites historical events, these references are robbed of context and basis in reality.  In the process, he demonstrates a complete loss of faith in the Bible, rejected any sense of Christ-centered worship, and embraced universalism.

James White explains:

He is deceived, and thus, deceiving.  How much further does he have to go before we are comfortable calling Rob Bell a false teacher?  I don't want to broad-brush, but is it time to warn young people that this is not an author and speaker to follow?

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