SC: Opening Day #shepconf

From God-honoring music, preaching, and BBQ(!), we had a wonderful opening day at the Shepherds' Conference.  As always, it is amazing to see the servant-hearts in action as the international contingent of pastors come for refreshment, encouragement, and edification.

It's always a treat to see Dr. Greg Harris getting his tennis shoes polished.  And to see Dr. Snider making a bee line for the expresso cafe.

Of course, there is always the Shepherds' Shop, which afforded me an opportunity to spend the $50 gift certificates within minutes of receiving them.  Among the items I obtained was my official conference knife because, well, every shepherd needs to shear his sheep from time to time.

It was also uplifting to see the strength of the first session speaker.  Phil Johnson, who had recent back surgery and was even written out of the lineup of speakers, showed his grit and dedication by preaching a full session.

There were many other great messages for folks, but sadly, I had to leave for work.  So, feel free to check the conference website for updates, which you can be sure that I'll be doing, posting updates when I can get to them.

God bless!

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