SC: Updated Shepherds’ Conference Audio and Notes #shepconf

The 2011 stuff is not yet available, but I finally finished the updating of the 2010 stuff.  I also changed the intro to read the following:
A lot has changed at the Shepherd's Conference site since this March 2009 posting, with the current result being improved usability.  For instance, new users no longer need to create a Shepherds' Fellowship account in order to download media.   
If this trend continues, I believe this post is will become obsolete.  I'm okay with that... really.  Yet, this still remains among the most popular posts on "Pisteuo," possibly because the format may be more clear to some.  As such, I am cleaning up what remained of the 2010 info and will begin the process of posting 2011. 
Of course, I had a bit of trouble when I first created this post in that I could not link to the audio files for 2001-09, though there are direct links to the notes. Since many messages are repeated and updated throughout the years, I have let this sit as is.  If there is a message you see here that you want to revisit, browse "the vault" by year for the respective audio file.

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