An Evolutionary Miracle!

I adapted this back in 2007 from (then-called) Way of the Master Radio and from a Worldview class I took.

T USED TO BE that animals did not clot when they were cut. So, any time one would walk by a bush and cut itself, it would bleed to death and die. This was serious. So, the animals got together and held a meeting as to the best course of action. A primitive canine suggested going to a vet in the event of a cut, but given that humans had not yet evolved, let alone invented medicine, this would not work. An ancient hamster suggested laying down on the cut, but this would not work for all cuts and besides, who wants to spend the rest of his life laying down on his side?

Finally, a wise owl flapped his wings with an idea. Well, actually, it flapped its scaly arms, since it had not evolved wings or feathers yet. The animals laughed as the green, scale-covered owl fall from the tree, having forgotten it still was not capable of flight. It quickly regained its composure, climbed back up the tree once again and resumed its position on the branch. “You must evolve a mechanism to within your blood to stop the bleeding. You can make tissue send signals to blood vessels to slow blood flow in a particular area while simultaneously releasing a catalyst for a cascading action of various proteins and materials not yet present in your blood that will cause the blood to coagulate.” The other animals had ceased their laughter and respected his theory, because anyone who could turn scales into feathers was certainly more intelligent than they.

“We will begin,” continued the owl, “by updating your DNA programming to begin creating the materials needed. Then we will program it with the information as to the start and order of the coagulation process.” While all the animals sighed with relief as to this seemingly sound plan of action, the owl repositioned itself to give the animals a solemn warning. “Please, bear this in mind! The new codes will take some time before they can evolve your bodies properly – an estimated million years, give or take a few hundred thousand. Please, do not get any cuts in the mean time. We have to make it until the humans get here!”

And, they did.

It was an evolution miracle!

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