Signs You Are Not Wakened to the Gospel

This is a post I've been siting on for a while in bittersweet contemplation.  I had thought about using it as an illustration in a message, and I still might, but then I thought that those who haven't seen the list yet need a peek.

Jared Wilson posted it on his blog, Gospel-Driven Church. His book, Gospel Wakefulness, is coming out through Crossway and expected to hit the shelves this Reformation Day. If the following excerpt is any indication, it will be a humdinger.

I hope it provokes the same contemplation for you as it did for me.  Read it when you have opportunity to go off by yourself and spend time with Father.  Dear Christian, don't make assumptions or excuses, and don't let yourself be distracted.  God bless.

Signs You Are Not Wakened to the Gospel:
  1. The gospel doesn’t interest you—or it does, but not as much other religious subjects.
  2. You take nearly everything personally.
  3. You frequently worry about what other people think.
  4. You treat inconveniences like minor (or major) tragedies.
  5. You are impatient with people.
  6. In general, you have trouble seeing the fruit of the Spirit in your life.
  7. The Word of God holds little interest.
  8. You have great difficulty forgiving.
  9. You are told frequently by a spouse, close friend, or other family members that you are too “clingy” or too controlling.
  10. You think someone beside yourself is the worst sinner you know.
  11. The idea of gospel-centrality makes no sense to you.

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