Memorial Day and the Gospel

As we remember the sacrifice of so many for our freedom:
Selfless sacrifice and uncommon valor won this freedom. And these efforts provide us with a glorious illustration of a true hero. Why? Because they paint for us, on the canvas of history, a clear depiction of the blood sacrifice 2000 years ago that won a cosmic conflict, one whose first volleys were fired long ago in Eden. The sacrifice of my father and his colleagues puts in bold relief the courage it took to walk the Via Dolorosa and it displays the blood-stained realities that typify a radical others-centeredness of the sort which defined God’s rescue mission in Christ Jesus. Just as dad and thousands of other men leaped toward certain death at Normandy, so Christ set his face like flint toward Jerusalem with full knowledge that a kangaroo court and a sentence of death awaited in that city. This is the stuff of true heroism. Genuine biblical manhood requires radical selflessness and profound courage.
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