Montoya on preaching and theology

From Alex Montoya's Preaching with Passion:
We need to be well acquainted with doctrines and theology. … Unfortunately, theology can be studied solely for academic purposes, and we tend to preach it in much the same way. … Such need not be the case. Theology, if it be true, biblical theology, should make our hearts burn like those of the Emmaus disciples (cf. Luke 24:32). 
Every preacher should be a theologian. He should know his doctrine because every sermon is a doctrinal sermon—an unfolding of some divine truth revealed in the Scriptures. If a sermon does not unfold a specific doctrine, if it does not elucidate or explain a tenet of the faith, it is not a biblical sermon. In short, we are failing to “preach the Word.” (47).

Keeping it in balance:
We need to ask ourselves, “Does my preaching resemble that of the scribes, filled with tangents and trivia, or is it like the Lord’s, focused on the weighty and meaty truths of eternity?” The question is vital to our preaching with passion. “Trivial pursuit” in preaching leads to anemic preaching, no matter how much we excite ourselves! (74).

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