The Keys to Happiness, Psalm 84

There is a deep, abiding joy for those who trust in the Lord. God does not promise that we will be “happy all the day.” However, if one’s life is not marked by happiness, then there is some kind of disconnect between God’s presence and one’s soul. 

Psalm 84 expresses the hope and comfort we all have in the Lord. Those who dwell in the house of Yahweh are blessed, as are those who find their strength in God through trials and blessings. Even a day at the threshold of God’s temple is worth more than this world can offer. While hardships may come, God will pour out provision, refusing to withhold good from those who are blessed enough to trust in Him. 
The psalmist reveals three beatitudes that should set all of ancient Israel to song!

In my message below, we will note three beatitudes so that we might cultivate the same abiding happiness in our souls.
I.    We are blessed if we dwell in the Lord (vv. 1–4)
II.   We are blessed if we journey in the Lord (vv. 5–8)
III.  We are blessed if we trust in the Lord (vv. 9–12)

If you miss the link at the end of part 1, here is part 2:

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