Logos a bit slow?

HT: Witnesses Unto Me

Logos is surely the market leader in Bible software for Windows. But, it has a reputation for being slow. For this reason, WORDsearch is a good alternative when speed is a concern. If you are running Logos and need a speed bump, let me suggest moving your Logos library to a solid state hard drive. You can install a second hard drive in many computers and if you get one large enough for Logos, you will surely notice an enormous speed boost. Unless you buy a huge solid state drive, you will probably want to limit what you store on it. Throw your pictures and videos on the old school drive. Put your operating system and the apps you want to speed up on the solid state drive.

Speed Test
Logos 4 Launch Time

Standard Hard Drive: 65 Seconds

Solid State Hard Drive: 12 Seconds

Loading Passage and Exegetical Guides

Standard Hard Drive: 2 Minutes 48 Seconds

Solid State Hard Drive: 11 Seconds

Note: this comparison is not on identical hardware, but the hard drive seems to be primarily responsible for the speed increase in these tests.

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