A tool for teaching kids about 9/11

Use with your discretion.  From Free Tech for Teachers:

It's almost hard to believe that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were almost ten years ago now. To mark the anniversary National Geographic has developed Remembering 9/11. Remembering 9/11 features videos of eyewitness accounts and testimonials about that day. The videos feature a range of people from "average" people like you and me who were just going to work that day to President Bush. Remembering 9/11 has an artifact display from 9/11. A story from an eyewitness accompanies each artifact in the display. 

Applications for EducationEven my oldest students this year will have only been eight years old on 9/11. To them 9/11 is almost a historic event not a modern event that they experienced. National Geographic's Remembering 9/11 could be a resource for letting them learn about and understand the emotions that so many people felt that day.

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