A must-read article on Noah’s Flood

Andy Nasselli posted a free PDF of the following article with the publisher’s permission:

William D. Barrick. “Noah’s Flood and Its Geological Implications.” Pages 251–81 inComing to Grips with Genesis: Biblical Authority and the Age of the Earth. Edited by Terry Mortenson and Thane H. Ury. Green Forest, AR: Master, 2008.

Outline of Dr. Barrick’s article:

  1. The A Priori Status of the Biblical Record of the Flood
  2. The Biblical Chronology of the Flood Narrative [Literary Issues]
  3. Translation with Chronological Notations
    • Introduction to the Flood Narrative Proper (7:6–10)
    • I. First Section of the Flood Narrative (7:11-18)
    • II. Second Section of the Flood Narrative (7:19–8:4)
    • III. Third Section of the Flood Narrative (8:5–12)
    • Conclusion to the Flood Narrative Proper (8:13–14)
  4. Two-Fold Purpose of the Flood
  5. Prevailing Phase
  6. Subsiding Phase: A Key Interpretative Issue Involving Mechanism [three observations]
  7. Summary of Chronology
  8. Geological Inferences [Global Tectonics]
  9. Continental Erosion and Deposition
  10. Paleontological Considerations [Sea Level Curve]
  11. Conclusion

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