Memorizing Genesis

From the TMS ordination prep notes:

THEME: Beginnings/Covenants/GenerationsGenesis describes the origin of the human race, the introduction of sin into the world, the confusion of languages, and the Divine choice of Israel based on promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Primeval History
Patriarchal History
1 Creation (broad perspective)
2 Creation (focus on man)
3 Temptation, Fall, Curses
4 Cain & Abel, Cain's line ‑‑ civilization
6‑8 Flood: deliverance in the Ark
9 Noahic covenant, curse of Canaan
11 Babel: dispersion of nations
12 Abrahamic covenant established
18‑19 Sodom & Gomorrah
22 Isaac is offered up
32 Jacob wrestles w/God
37 Joseph is sold by his brothers
49 Jacob blesses his sons
  • 1:26-27 6th day of creation, man created in God’s image
  • 1:31 Creation is declared "very good."
  • 2:24 A man shall leave, cleave, and weave
  • 3:15 The promised seed (see below)
  • 6:1‑4 The "sons of God"
  • 12:1‑3 Abrahamic covenant
  • 35:9‑12 Jacob becomes "Israel."
  • 50:20 "God meant it for good."
  • Adam & Eve ‑ the first humans
  • Cain ‑ Adam's first son; the murderer of his brother Abel.
  • Abel ‑ murdered second son of Adam
  • Enoch ‑ Father of Methuselah; walked w/God; never died but was taken.
  • Noah ‑ walked w/God, built ark, father of Shem, Ham & Japheth.
  • Shem ‑ Noah's eldest
  • Terah ‑ Abram's father, left Ur for Haran
  • Abraham ‑ father of nation Israel
  • Lot ‑ Abram's nephew, dweller in Sodom
  • Sarah ‑ Abraham's wife, Isaac's mother
  • Isaac ‑ son of Abraham & Sarah, father of Jacob
  • Esau ‑ Isaac's first born, sold birthright
  • Rebekah ‑ Isaac's wife, favored Jacob
  • Jacob ‑ (Israel) Father of 12 tribes
  • Leah ‑ Jacob's less loved first wife
  • Rachel ‑ Jacob's beloved wife, mother of Joseph, dies bearing Benjamin
  • Joseph ‑ Son of Jacob, sold as slave, exalted in Egypt

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