Addendum: On Atheists and Christmas

After Dan Barker's comment that the nativity was "an insult," a dozen or so people came out to show their support for the discussed display in Henderson, TX:

(I hope no one had to avert their eyes.)

Does overwhelming support make something okay?  Obviously not, though it is equally wrong for a vocal few to force the majority to change per its whims.

Right and wrong cannot be determined based on the popular vote or lack thereof - it has to be based on an external, objective and unchanging source.  In other words, discussion of what is right and wrong in society is meaningless outside of a discussion of the Righteous Standard-Bearer, the Creator and Judge.

Otherwise, words like "right" and "wrong" get lost in the wash of social semantics.

Even so, the big story of the atheist world is not this but a sadder one: the passing of Christopher Hitchens, someone who lost his battle with cancer and presumably, his last chance to repent before death.   Richard Dawkins sums up the sentiment in this tweet:

“Christopher Hitchens, finest orator of our time, fellow horseman, 
valiant fighter against all tyrants including God.”

That says it all.  

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