Mary, Did You Know?

As a young believer, I sampled quite a bit of what Evangelicalism had to offer… good and bad.  I don’t know which category you would place Mark Lowry in, but many agree that this song is a Christmas-time winner.  The following video comes from his 1995 VHS, “Remotely Controlled,” and is the version by which I judge all other versions:

(Don’t worry, I’m not a Lowry-Onlyist).

Of course, my dad wondered what I was getting into with the oft-times seemingly-pedestrian humor.  I loved it, perhaps because I found a kindred spirit.  Here are a couple other delights. 

First, how to properly cook:

Of course, on the theme of Lowry’s food habits and his singing, let’s not forget his parody of “I Surrender All” (a parody I have committed to memory):

(Yes, that was Clay Crosse at 3:39)

Have fun, and I hope y’all have had a wonderful Christmsa.

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