Overruled: How you will lose the right to raise your own kids

In the twilight of our representative, democratic republic, parental rights must bow to the opinions of an emotionally underdeveloped child.  I kid not (pun intended): the wave of globalization washing away oaths to protecting the U.S. Constitution is leaving inane laws in its wake.

Today, parents are forbidden to homeschool their children, forbidden to remove their child from a class that counters the values and beliefs of the parent, and forbidden to take a child to church if that youngster would rather play Halo on Sunday mornings.

Do you think I am writing hyperbole, or perhaps of a scenario that would never darken an American  household?  Watch this 37min video, which contains 3 reenactments of real U.S. court stories, and decide for yourself:

HT: Thinking in Christ, which notes an interesting quote from the Washington Post re: Nancy Pelosi, who is seeking to regain the 25 lost seats in the House. "And if that happens — or when, according to her — at the top of her to-do list, she says, will be 'doing for child care what we did for health-care reform' — pushing comprehensive change."

If you want to do something about this insanity, you can head over ParentalRights.org for further questions.  If you live in California, you could make it 27 seats lost by getting rid of the dynamic duo.  That would be super.  If you are also a Christian, you should also pray—not just for success, but for a gospel-driven reaction in the event that your kids are targeted next.

For the latter group, we may one day have to take cues from our brothers and sisters who have been forced to endure life under socialist regimes.

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