Welcome to California public schools.. it's the new year

I've never been one who believes that there is a biblical requirement to home-school, though we have chosen that route and I teach classes for home-school students.  However, there is certainly plenty of cause to consider alternatives to public education.

And if there weren't enough before, welcome to 2012.

To start, here is a news story on gender "diversity" education out of Oakland, CA.  As part of its anit-bullying policy, the Redwood Heights Elementary School is teaching kids that like in the animal kingdom, "you can be a boy or a girl, or both," that gender is more of a "spectrum" than an either-or proposition.
Read the Chalcedon report for more info on this particular trend (HT: American Vision News).  No word on how schools plan to keep teenage boys who lie about "feeling like a girl" out of the girls' locker room.

At least one might say that discussion in the video seemed relatively "clean," if not also inane.  Relative to what?  Perhaps you remember the passage of SB48 this summer, making California the first state to mandate homosexual history in the classroom (Fox News).  Starting in kindergartner, students will begin learning not just the social studies facts, but also the gossip of history.  (The news story states that this begins in the 2013 school year, though the law goes into affect in 2012.)

Good luck trying to opt your kids out. Thank you, California.

Are you concerned that exposing your children to issues regarding sexuality will open them up to sexual exploration at younger ages?  Don't worry, California has you covered.  Another law going into affect is AB 499, allowing kids as young as 12 to get treatment for STD's without parental consent.  Couple that with the law allowing female minors to receive abortions without parental notification that is already in effect, and parents don't need to know anything about their children's lives.

Happy New Year.

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