Film: "A Mormon President"

God-talk can irk people during political campaigns, and I don't mean secularists.   Candidates often use religious talk to garner support from people of faith on the left and the right; an obligatory hat-tip to the base.

While I'm a "values" voter in some respects, I won't vote for a candidate simply because he (or she) claims Christian beliefs.  Indeed, we have someone in the White House now who claims just that, while there is  a Mormon who may be running against him who would make a better president.  Given the choice between only those two, I would vote for Romney.  (Yes, Romney would also claim to be a Christian.  Even though he seems to be a nice guy and we share many principles in common, I don't find his beliefs much more consistent with Christian Scripture than Obama's.  Quit interrupting.)

Many Evangelical Christians would not vote for Romney as a matter of conscience.  I disagree with that position, primarily because theological discussion is not relevant to the electoral process in general, but I'm not going to ask anyone to violate their convictions on the matter.   What I am going to do is plug a fair and even-handed documentary that answers why some Americans are concerned about having a Mormon President of the United States:

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