Memorizing Deuteronomy

From the TMS ordination prep notes:

THEME: Reiteration of the Law/Renewed Covenant

Reiteration of the covenant and review of their history to the nation of Israel (cf. 1:5).


I.       The First Discourse (Past/What God has done)                    (1-4)       
II.     The Second Discourse (Present/What God expects)            (5‑26)
III.    The Third Discourse (Future/What God will do)                  (27‑30)
IV.    The Historical Appendix (Transition of the Covenant Mediator)       (31‑34)


I.       Looking Back (1-11)
II.     Looking Ahead (12-32)
III.    Looking Up (33-34)

1           God’s commandments to Moses in Moab
5           Decalogue reiterated
6           "Shema" - Hear 0 Israel . . .
18         Against witchcraft, coming Prophet
28         Blessings and Cursings
32         Song of Moses
34         Death of Moses


4:2            Don't add or subtract from the word
6:4-9         The Great Shema: Jesus' great commandment
13:1‑5       Test and death for false prophets
21:18‑21   Death for incorrigible children/rebel sons
22:13-30   Laws of sexual morality
24:1‑4       Regulation of divorce/remarriage issue
29:29        "secret things belong to the Lord. . ."
32:39        God is sovereign over life and death – "I kill/make alive; wound/heal"

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