Chuck Colson has Died

From Christianity Today:

Breaking News:
Charles Colson Has Died

Charles Colson, the ruthless Nixon White House figure who became one of evangelicalism's most famous and influential leaders and served as a Christianity Today columnist for the last 26 years, has died at age 80. See our full coverage of his life and legacy:
Evangelical Leader Chuck Colson Dead at 80

The infamous convicted Nixon adviser became famous for prison reform, evangelical-Catholic dialogue, and his Christian worldview.
Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Remembering Charles Colson, a Man Transformed

The real story of how "Nixon's hatchet man" ended up in, out, and back in prison (and the White House), shaping a movement in the process.
Jonathan Aitken

CT Classic:
The Legacy of Prisoner 23226

Twenty-six years after leaving prison, Charles Colson has become one of America's most significant social reformers.
Wendy Murray Zoba

Contra Mundum
95 of Charles Colson's columns for Christianity Today.

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