Is the Date of Easter of Pagan Origin?

This is a question that pops up every year.  AiG answers it.

As a caveat, I do want to say this: there is nothing intrinsically "Christian" in celebrating bunnies, eggs, and candy, and I don't think we need to force something that does not exist (resurrection eggs, anyone?).  There is nothing evil about it, either, and it is a great excuse for family togetherness and outside activity with the egg hunts, etc. 

Thus, we've made the decision as a family to celebrate what the world calls Easter on Saturday, and celebrate Resurrection Day on Sunday, so as not to confuse the two. 

It also provides good opportunity when asked, "What did your family do for Easter?  Did your kids get to hunt eggs?"  "Why, yes, we had a blast at the park, but we went Saturday so we could spend Sunday only focusing on celebrating the true source of life and hope the Resurrection promises." 

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