“The Sin of Sodom on Display in America” by Voddie Baucham

Remember the days - Prop 8, president-elect Obama, McLaren's five-year moratorium on homosexuality, and the Voddie Bauchman delivering a powerful message:  "The Sin of Sodom On Display in America," an exposition of Genesis 19:1-11. An MP3 of his sermon is stored at the sermon index.  Here is the transcript of the audio, if you prefer.  Enjoy!

Here is the description:
Genesis 19:1-11 is a clear statement on the sin of sodomy. Unfortunately, there are many in the “Christian” community who have come to doubt, or even refute this fact. The homo-sexual movement has succeeded at clouding the issue through creative exegesis, ad hominem attacks, and genetic fallacies. Nevertheless, the Bible is clear.
HT: Defcon, who says,
Baucham completely obliterates the outlandish claims by the Bible-doesn’t-say-anything-about-homosexuality crowd who spin the lie that God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with sexual immorality, and specifically, the sin of homosexuality.

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