Homosexual teenage bullying and the Gospel

I'd like to add this thought to those who reject Scripture, those who sneer at the phrase, "The Bible tells me so."  This advice that you give to love oneself already dwells deep within us all.  We all fall prey to the thinking that says, "My intellect, my rational capacity, validates my desires and my morality, so don't force your moral code upon me."

Consider the sad fact that this love of self pervades the bullies who likewise reject Scripture (or who use it in a self-justifying way).  They too say, "My intellect, my rational capacity, validates my desire to not allow a homosexual near me, so don't force your moral code upon me by forcing me to see you daily in the hallway." 

Self love meets one's sin nature, justifying one's desire to do wrong.  Option one is in the same error as option two.

While Scripture condemns us all equally, it offers hope to all, as well.  Whether the sinner is the God-hater, the gay-hater, the sexually deviant, or simply a gossip, the offer of the Gospel grants all with forgiveness and justification before God.  It offers all of us hope and life that self-love never could.

Scripture alone offers both the bullied and the bullies pardon and welcome into the glories of the kingdom.  It alone grants the power to repent and the Spirit of life.

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