Human and Dinosaur Footprints

From the fossil footprint page of the Genesis Park.

HT: Andrew Gulick, who wrote on his Facebook page:
A human footprint intruded by a tridactyl dinosaur (the human print was first and then the dinosaur stepped into the human print) ... an MRI was done on this that shows the compression areas that takes place during the process of walking Compression takes place when the heal hits the mud as well as the toes as the foot pushes off. the MRI showed compression marks for both for the dinosaur as well as the human print; thus, proving that this was not a fake casting of some prankster, but a real fossil print. A print proving that man and dinosaurs lived at the same time, just as the Bible says when it says that God made the beasts of the field on the same day he made man. ... the 6th day.

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