Is Family Religion Important for the Preacher? - A Quote

Bridges on the need for consistent family religion:
This opens a wide field; including daily family worship—the whole circle of family instruction—the principles of education, essentially upon a scriptural oasis—the regulation of conversational habits—all bearing a concurrent testimony to the doctrine of the pulpit in its fullest detail. Habits of order also form an important part of this Christian model—doing every thing at its proper time—keeping every thing to its proper use— putting every thing in its proper place. Regularity in the payment of bills, and a strict avoiding of debts—are here worthy of high consideration. With respect to children—we must be careful to exhibit a clear practical illustration of the rules of order, submission, and indulgence, which we give to our people. How many of us in this point are wise for others, and yet unwise for ourselves!
--Charles Bridges, The Christian Ministry. Kindle Edition.

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