A quick response to the atheist billboards

In case you haven't seen, the Creation Museum's advertising billboards created quite a stir among atheists.  We love atheists and their call for reason and logic, though we obviously believe they lack the epistemological basis for their call.  We can only pray for them to see the light of God's revelation as we continue to shine it on this fact.

Here is what appeared on the AiG site:
1. This one mocks Noah’s Flood (with a ridiculous statement and false assumptions about the height of the mountains before the Flood and about where the water came from).
2. This one totally misrepresents the Bible’s teaching about masters and slaves (servants).
3. This one shows it is the atheists who want to indoctrinate children.
I urge you to look at the rest and get a real feel for how atheists conduct their campaigns of mocking and hatred against God and His Word. Go to http://atheistbillboards.com/2012/
Actually, the fact that the secularists are so upset about our national ad campaign for the museum tells us these billboards are effective.

I had some ideas about how the billboards should have appeared:

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