Why did God do that?

Todd Friel explained the following on this past Thursday's Wretched Radio broadcast.  Here's the paraphrase (dangerous, I know).  I missed where he got this principle, but it's interesting and helpful for understanding how God deals with mankind.

So, here's the "two-two-two principle:"

  • God deals with two kinds of people: saved and unsaved
  • for two different reasons: pouring out wrath and leading to salvation
  • using two different means: primary and secondary
Because of God's multi-faceted plans, the "God did this because..." or "God allowed this because..." statements are too concrete, too black-and-white, to apply to tragedies capturing national attention. That, along with the fact that we have no scriptural or revelatory authority upon which to state such claims, means that we should practice prudence and be slow to speak.

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