Bill Nye, Creationism is Highly Appropriate for our Children

If you are teaching kids that God created the world, you're destroying our future, according to popular children's personality Bill Nye.

Nye's entertaining persona as "The Science Guy" captivated a generation of young people, and continues to generate a love of science through tapes and syndication.  I use him, as do many other educators, and thank God for such persons who can teach complex ideas in engaging ways.

Perhaps, though, I should thank blind chance instead. After all, a worldview that posits God as the universe's cause "is completely inconsistent with everything we have seen in the universe" and "there's no evidence for it,"  as Nye explained in the above YouTube rant.  Apparently, belief in science precludes belief in a Creator God.

Please keep in mind that situations like this do not come down to the ignorance of Bill Nye to the indisputable evidences for design in creation.  It is not a matter of presenting Nye or other clergy of the naturalist faith with sound logic.  What we have here is a human being who is like the rest of us before Christ - confused, doubting, and reluctant to come to the truth while trying to convince himself that he already has the truth. Converting an evolutionist to some form of deism is not the goal; the goal is to see the lost soul converted to life.

With that in mind, Answers in Genesis published a response to his charges on the web.  They also prepared the following video response:

P.S. - You'll notice that ratings and comments are disabled on YouTube for this latter video.  Seeing their tentative grasp on a false reality slipping, insecure people attack, creating a bottleneck in fruitful discussion (if there is such a thing as "fruitful discussion" in the YouTube comments section).  Ken Ham reports the following concerning this:
Here is what is sad. Many secularists descended on Dr. Purdom's Facebook page with vile comments--probably one of the worst attacks on one of our Facebook pages ever. It just goes to illustrate once again how intolerant these people are. Remember that when you hear they were banned from our Facebook pages. Also, it is a reminder of how insecure they are. They don't have evidence to support their view so they often attack in a most vicious manner.

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