Imagine less charity, if you can

Wanting to find justification for their lifestyles, this discontent generation ponders John Lennon's "Imagine" scenario more and more... specifically the "no religions" part.

Al Mohler's "Briefing" recently included a report from a few days ago: "States where people are less religious are more stingy with charitable giving, study says".  Regions with the highest giving boasted the most religion -- the south in particular, with Utah topping the lot.  The Northeast, including DC, came in last.

Considering the extraordinary services countless churches provide that escape our national attention, we shouldn't be so quick to toss religion under the bus.

Yes, even Mormonism in Utah serves a purpose in God's plan to care for the believer and unbeliever alike; it is part of His common grace to mankind.  While it would not be wise to partner with other faiths because it sends a confusing message to an unbelieving world (and we are commanded to avoid unequal yoking), we should not shrink from the fact that God uses religion as a force of good in this world.

Because, if for nothing else, life without His undeserved grace would be simply unimaginable.

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