Sermon: "God's Grace in Times of Trouble," Psalm 86

My message at Lake Hills Community Church, Sunday Service, on August 18, 2012:

God has a sovereign plan that is both good and just for allowing the evil that occurs in the world.  He is neither surprised by evil nor threatened by it.  The next question for us, then, is how we should respond to Him in prayer during those times.

As we approach our text this morning, we are going to read David praying through a time of hardship.  We are not going to read of his asking for mercy per se, but we will read of his seeking God’s grace.  Four times in this psalm we will read of David’s seeking undeserved favor, so seeking God’s grace will be our theme for today.

Trials enter our lives for various reasons.   However, because our God is a gracious God, we can trust in His ability both to strengthen us and to overcome the situation.  We need only to seek Him in prayer.  Therefore, in times of trouble, we should seek God’s attentive grace, seek God’s unique grace, and finally, seek God’s delivering grace.

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