He Fought but Then Was Not

In memory of our son, Joshua Enoch:

Your brother and your sisters shouted with glee
Sighting those early glosses
A little brother!  Satisfied prayers from knees
bent upon running future races

When peace, like a river, attendeth our way
With ease, we sing our souls are well
Scarlet!  Why have you appeared to us this day?
Are you to announce a new farewell?

Through the prayers of many, you strived and you thrived
Until we thought you would survive
Beat, oh, please sound, tell us our son is alive!
Oh, dear heart, from us do be not rived!

Dawn turns to dusk, and pains ebbing far too soon,
Face so small, body so fragile,
Oh, our child!  Once fettered to life in womb,
rest you now in mom’s hand so careful.

Our son never to know sorrow or pain’s sting
We grieve, but then smile and endure.
For behold!  Your joy, so wide, in heaven’s gain;
God, rest us in this word made so sure.

Our son grows and trusts a far better Father,
learning, worshiping without vice.
Drink deep, lad, of that everlasting water!
race with the other children of Christ.

Fear not for us, our son, for we know Him too,
He gives us peace all surpassing.
Wretches are we!  Still, He was in our place slew,
swearing the contrite future rising.

Everywhere is His love poured on us unseen,
proclaimed to us through His Spirit.
There is no shame—only more hope can we glean!
His glory to us is apparent.

‘Til then, do not dismay; save us seats that day
Sit we family at His feet
Take courage: for now, He hast taught us to say,
it is well, it is well with our souls.

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