Paul Washer & Joel Osteen on the Gospel

How do you preach when you preach?  How do you share the things of God with those in need?

Paul said that the pattern of Christ's apostles was to teach the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27), and the Bible has some self-esteem-crushing passages in it.  Paul had some bad news to share with people about their genuine state before God.  That's because we can't get to the good news of the gospel until we understand how much we need it.

This is more of an audio recording than a video, as it was recorded from a radio program, but in it you'll hear the difference between biblical gospel preaching of Paul Washer and the prosperity preaching of Joel Osteen.  One kind of preaching is grounded, the other is up in the clouds.

You decide.
("Way of the Master Radio" changed their name to "Wretched Radio".)

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