Theology Lectures (1 of 4), TMS

TH 605: Theology I
Dr. Andy Snider

The good folks at the Master's Seminary want to see the Christ's church as biblically-oriented and God-honoring as possible.  As such, they have been placing their class lectures online for free.

This post highlights the first of four theology classes offered by the seminary.  Here are a few questions these videos will help you answer:

  • Is it okay for Christians to study theology, and are there dangers to it?
  • What does it mean to be a liberal or a conservative theologically?
  • What is God like, and how does He relate to His creation?
  • Should we believe that God exists in a Trinity?
  • What does the Bible really say about itself?
  • Can we believe that the Bible is from God and without error?

The class description according to the TMS catalog:

A study of prolegomena, dealing with the essence and source of systematic theology, and reasons for its study; theology proper, including revelation, trinitarianism, and God’s relation to the universe; and bibliology, emphasizing inspiration and inerrancy. 
Some of the Required Texts:

Video lectures for TH 605: Theology I

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