The Difference Between Our Sanctification and Our Glorification

Your anger at the recent school massacre of the Sandy Cook Elementary school students in Newtown is right.  Our stomachs churn at the sight of such grotesque evil because we bear the image of God, and so our consciences cry out against such heinous acts.

As we examine our own souls, however, we must consider ourselves not in contrast to the evils committed by others, but by the holiness of God.  Otherwise, we will add self-righteousness to our anger, and in that, we would sin.

No matter the level of sanctification or holiness you may believe yourself to have, the good deeds that set you apart from such dark sins, you pale in comparison to the light of God's glory.  In a somewhat lighthearted manner, R. C. Sproul illustrates the lesson we must all take deep into heart.

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