Infanticide: Undercover Video Reveals Inhumanity in Abortion Industry

In light of the current Gosnell trial, the question again arises as to the rights of a baby who survives an abortion.  Should the baby receive intensive care, should it be set aside so it can expire, or should it's life be terminated by the abortionist?

Gosnell faces charges for allegedly choosing the latter action.  However, the law currently demands protection of all children born in the United States, including those slipping through the abortionist's hands.  Can we abortion clinics, often guilty of gendercide, to do better than Gosnell in upholding the law?

According to one investigative reporter, no.  On her site (caution: graphic content), Live Action founder Lila Rose explains that "Gosnell is not alone. [These videos] document the blatantly inhuman and barbaric acts of abortionists leaving crying babies to die, or even killing the newborns themselves."

Indeed, which makes sense.  Regardless of the law, those seeking an abortion are seeking to erase their "mistakes," not looking for another error resulting in a live fetus.  As such, when testifying before a board of inquiry, Planned Parenthood representative and lobbyist Alisa LaPolt Snow gave her tacit approval to those abortion doctors violating the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.

In this undercover video, Washington, D.C. abortion doctor Cesare Santangelo allays the fears of his potential customer by stating he will allow no child will survive the abortion process... even those who are born alive.

If you can stomach it, more undercover video is available on the website at  While you are there, feel free to sign the petition and subscribe to their distribution lists.

Those considering an abortion should seek out counsel from the countless health clinics that does not profit from the procedure: one that can provide free services to young mothers, impoverished families, and those in need of hope and love. 

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