Every biblical church in America needs this in its bylaws

As Baptist Press reported earlier this year, "[C]hurches that host wedding ceremonies or other events for traditional couples should examine their bylaws and shield themselves from the impact of possible litigation, says an attorney who specializes in religious liberty issues."

This is on my mind as our church plant begins the process of drafting our constitution and bylaws, but it should also be on yours.

BP continues:
A number of situations could place churches in legal trouble, such as congregations who would: 

-- allow a traditional couple but not a same-sex couple to use their facility for a wedding ceremony. 
-- allow a traditional couple but not a same-sex couple to take part in a marriage class or retreat. 
-- terminate an employee involved in a same-sex wedding. 

Bylaw language defining marriage in the biblical sense doesn't mean a church won't face a suit or a complaint, but it does mean the church would be in a much better situation legally, said Erik Stanley, senior legal counsel for ADF.
We could add to that list
  • pastors who refuse to provide premarital counseling to same-sex couples in states that recognize same-sex marriage,
  • churches that refuse membership to those involved in an unrepentant homosexual lifestyle, and
  • churches that discipline members who openly engage in homosexuality.

Here are the PDF's from Alliance Defending Freedom

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