Of Fools and Monkey Business

Dubbed the "Scope's Monkey Trial," its story causes many to imagine repressive, Christian yokels standing against free speech and progress.  Perhaps you read about it or saw its story on Broadway or in the theater; perhaps it was not faithfully communicated to you.

Joe Carter at T4G remembers the 88th anniversary of The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes by listing nine things you should know about the trial.  In short, his points are:
  1. Inherit the Wind was an anti-anti-Communist play.
  2. The trial was a publicity stunt.
  3. Scopes wasn't a martyr--he was a co-conspirator.
  4. Darrow wasn't the first choice.
  5. Bryan wasn't the lead prosecutor - and he knew the defendant.
  6. The prosecution's "Bible expert" believed in the day-age theory.
  7. Teaching evolution . . . and eugenics.
  8. The defense wanted to lose the case.
  9. The ruling was reversed, but no one wanted to retry the case.

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