Documentary: "Out of Darkness: The Story of the English Bible"

Truth Remains is a ministry which travels to churches and conferences with original copies of English translations, allowing Christians access to the pages soaked in martyrs' blood.  They've now also placed a free, four-part documentary on their website reciting the history of the English Bibles. 
Out of Darkness; The Story of the English Bible is a four-part mini documentary, produced by Truth Remains, that tells the story of God's careful preservation of Scripture through the centuries. The men who gave their lives to translate the Bible into English are not household names, yet the bloody price they paid fueled the Reformation and shaped the modern world, enabling countless Christians to enjoy the privilege of owning and studying God's Word in English. Listen to David Parsons, John Glass, Dennis Swanson, and Nathan Busenitz tell one of the greatest stories in church history.

You can watch the documentary on its website, where you can also learn of local events or donate to their ministry.

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